Month: January 2017

Nature’s Finest

Enchanting trees an amazing spectacle Joined by nature’s voices, most majestical Throngs of songbirds and buzzing bees Rhythmically skipping upon the leaves Prancing and dancing in the sunlight Enhanced vividity adorning our sight A theatrical performance, a concert to behold… Read More ›

Eclectic Charm

  So quaintly eclectic Moments here are never hectic Coffee in the morning Indeed, is quite warming A lovely afternoon tea A tradition for you and me Pastries truly delectable So incredibly edible An after dinner treat I’ll save you… Read More ›


  Exoneration of hapless souls Redefined obtainable goals A smidgen of musing in the mix A fractured world can be fixed Balanced hope must not be nixed  “For all my friends in the media who like quotes, mark this quote… Read More ›

Dreams Enabled

   Clouds of dreams we wince Ourselves we must convince Aspects of life our perception Subject to whose interpretation? Still, for our minds to receive Indubiously we must believe Dreams our mind must enable If only to proclaim a fable… Read More ›

Ode to 1964

   We were bitchin and bad Never bummed out or sad Life was a blast, a real gas No room for a candyass We were cats and chicks We’d hang loose at flicks Sometimes all decked out We were cool… Read More ›


   One who plunders blunders One who bumbles stumbles Is it our fear or revulsion Do we quiver with convulsions Fumes of indecision festers chaos   “The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover… Read More ›