Month: February 2017

Perpetual Motion

  My life is like a clock continuous oscillation however, measured every nanosecond treasured hells bells are beckoning is it time for a reckoning? tick tock Rewind the clock, I say bless me one more day bells melodiously ring red-feathered birds begin to sing my continued journey here will be without fear tick tock As…


  I want to plant the seed.  Yes indeed, I will empower those in need.  My days are not done I rise with the sun Nights are mine to keep I have no fear of sleep As long as I awaken My life not forsaken What’s that you say? Yes, I’m more than okay I’m…

Things a Newborn Should Know

  You know life’s not in a box tied with a bow not a one size fit all not just ticking a box not a wanderlust ramble or a preamble to gamble life’s an unfolding puzzle each piece is a chapter each moment is a capture each second filled with rapture things a newborn should…

Going My Way

  I love to lead a parade! I walk to a different beat than some Impatiently I wait for music to come Soon the om pah pah will grace my ears Delighting the crowd smothered in cheers I love to lead a parade! I sing a different tune than most But naught a reason to…


     Behold the calm before the storm Swelling burdens begin to swarm Our life’s lease will soon expire Thrusting moments to retire The end nears closer to the bend Only shards of time left to spend Let’s unfold our wisdom to ensure Heraldic achievements we must endure      “It seems to be a law…

Show You Care

 Let’s not hasten out with the old and in with new We must keep our sights in a broadened view Time can warp a mind into worrisome channels Dimming the lights at the end of the tunnels Please let us grow older without being confused And, let us be useful without being used The process…

Fake News

  While we enjoy frivolities and a plethora of oddities What we read may be a bluff, yet can it be believable stuff? What we read may be a niche, yet can it possibly be a glitch? What we read may be a pun, yet can it be one and done? What we read may…

Fragmented Frustration

Little shards of toiling resulting in foiling A downward spin thwarted my win My lack of remuneration fueled my frustration My excuses are lame I’ve only myself to blame “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and paid just enough money not to quit.”-George Carlin Please stop and visit my other blog…


    Excelling is compelling Your alter ego you’re selling? More than twice more than thrice? Is it tuned to perfection? A battle of fractals ensues changes too fast to choose Corruption and interruption tend to amuse but confuse Fractals in chaos = demoralization? Fractals in motion = Perfection? perhaps to be flawless is lawless…

Magical Display

  A magical display of nature outside Sending soulful thoughts on a mellow ride Bruised memories captured in my stride Let woeful times be cast aside I see no significance in feeling grim  My cup of happiness filled to the rim      “Whether you’ve seen angels floating around your bedroom or just found a ray…

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