Everything Dances



“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”
― Maya Angelou


As stars dangle and jangle

waltzing across the celestial dome

a rhythmic concerto


A universal thought

the cow jumps for naught

how high was the moon


It is my first trip. I must get a grip – two fold meaning, you know. Will there be snow, will there be rain? A plot of land can I claim? Where’s the bar? Is it far? I need my coffee to stand up my spoon, and scan the room. Is there music? Is there a song? I feel the rhythm – it’s in my shoes. I feel the beat – it moves my feet. I took a chance – I started to dance. I can be me! I’ve been set free! I have a new life. I no longer roam. I call Mars my home.






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