Boro Inn is an Irish pub owned by, Brendan Doyle, a retired Catholic Priest. The decor is eclectic and charming with relics from Irish life, covering the walls and ceiling.

The Indian is used as a confessional and is very unique.  (I took these photos in Nov. 2014). There is a story about the Indian, which I hope to learn this coming March during our next trip to Blue Ridge.

My husband and I have visited the pub for the last three years and find it authentic, cozy, and extremely welcoming. You can feel the warmth when you walk through the door.

Boro Inn is located at 150 West Main St., Blue Ridge, Ga

Young and old

come in from the cold

a warm brandy will be just dandy

Young and old

let it be told

jokes and tales in an Irish brogue

Young and old

turn an ear

a true confession you may hear

See the Indian that stands so tall

you can be sure he has heard it all

Young and old

come from afar

just to enjoy this Irish bar

be sure to find a comfy seat

as you are in for quite a treat

There are additions and alterations made every year, and the pub gets better and better.