Things a Newborn Should Know


You know

life’s not in a box

tied with a bow

not a one size fits all

not just checking a box

not a wanderlust ramble

or a preamble to gamble

life’s an unfolding puzzle

each piece is a chapter

each moment is a capture

each second filled with rapture

things a newborn should know

about life’s mishmash of a show


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  5 comments for “Things a Newborn Should Know

  1. 02/26/2017 at 10:18 AM

    Excellent Eugenia .. Life is definitely an unfolding Puzzle.. But we are the jigsaw pieces and gradually we are finding our outer edges and learning to slot together to make sense of the bigger picture..

    Much love your way and have a wonderful new week.. xxx Sue <3

    • 02/26/2017 at 1:28 PM

      Thank you, Sue. You have a wonderful week, as well.

  2. 02/28/2017 at 1:20 AM

    Life is a puzzle and a mishmash. Keeps things interesting.

    • 02/28/2017 at 9:39 AM

      Yes, never a dull moment.

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