Month: March 2017

Life’s Path

  Life can be full of hard knocks Do we dare to tread on life’s delicate threads, or Do we avoid being worn so as not to be torn Is life like a pair of socks?     “I’d rather attempt… Read More ›

A Beckoning Call

  The sky’s a sapphire awning beckons a gleeful dawning  Symphonic sounds of spring beckons birds to sing Which way does the river flow beckons who wants to know Is it a sea or an ocean beckons a sensible notion… Read More ›


  Is it all about me, myself and me Or you, yourself and you C’mon, isn’t it about us So shut up your fuss So confused is the world It’s misplaced its twirl Let’s guide its deflection In a purposeful… Read More ›


“Not everything that is faced can be changed,  but nothing can be changed until faced.”- James Baldwin We can’t change the color of the sky We can’t change the color of sun We can’t change the color of the moon… Read More ›