Abstract Weather

232721-Abstract-Glitter (1)

let’s tether the weather

mom nature knows better

  fires with ire

  floods with mud

  cat 5 ‘canes

winds howl like trains

  twisters and twirlers

and tiddlywink hurlers

yesterday’s balmy

is today’s tsunami

  quaking and shaking

the ground is breaking

or should that be braking

let’s clone the cyclone

I need it for a ringtone

these weather events

don’t make much sense

 but mom nature marvels

just like fine-tuned marbles

perhaps duplicated commotion

 or fractals in motion


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  1. Nice animation and I liked the phrase “Mom nature”.

  2. I love this, Eugenia and especially “Let’s clone the cyclone, I need it for a ringtone”! 🙂 🙂

  3. There is a huge communication gap between us and nature. We do not speak the same language, and the key to survival in the universe is hidden somewhere. It compels one to create abstractions, to make it more believable and real.

    • So true, Reena. We can learn a lot from nature if we take time to appreciate it. Just observing a tree that changes with the seasons is a lesson for survival and the ability to adapt.

  4. What is temporary
    Could bring a sudden impact
    To pretty much everybody

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