Fall Back


well ring my chimes

  they’re changing the time

  as the queen of quaint

 I’m gonna voice my plaint

 Dear Father Time-

  I rattle and prattle

about this diddle daddle

daytime and nighttime

 lunchtime and dinnertime

uptime and downtime

part-time and full-time

and even my bedtime

now a baffling sometime

and a messed up meantime

 longtime and shortime and

the concept of anytime

became a pastime


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"Style means the right word. The rest matters little" - Jules Renard
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  1. Brilliant, Eugenia – and very funny. You’ve penned my thoughts on time generally – LOL – thank for sharing. I’ll move your link up into my article.

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  3. Enjoyable, amusing and witty, Eugenia. 💚 Time is something I’ve been studying for years (seriously, unfortunately). Clocks don’t walk and chew gum, and I’m fairly sure time doesn’t pass by or run or move at all, but in a way, we’re all made of time. That probably needs a nerd face.🤓

  4. We do spend too much time (no pun intended) worry about time.

  5. Time pauses when something noteworthy happens, and the moments are frozen in memory. It is the theme of your Tuesday Chatter at the Cafe. Past life regression therapy just unfolds memories of the soul. Those are believed to have been there all the time, driving a part of our behavior today. Maybe that is the difference between subconscious and unconscious, though I am not ab expert on the subject.

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