Month: March 2018

Enjoy the Moment

 A lovely spring day  Trees dressed in blossoms and blooms Moments to myself  § Join in every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays My other blog BrewNSpew.  -Eugenia

Seasonal Reset

 Flowers and fairies  Bluebirds sing a cappella A spring jamboree  § Join in every Monday for Comedy Plus-awww Mondays My other blog BrewNSpew  -Eugenia


  Vicissitudes of life not disavowed  Contentment not disallowed  It’s time we celebrate all things now  §  Join in every Monday for Awww Mondays at  Comedy Central – Awww Mondays My other blog BrewNSpew -Eugenia

Act I

We rise with the sun Our role in life just begun No songs are unsung Join in every Monday for Awww Mondays at Comedy Central My other blog BrewNSpew.  -Eugenia