Queen of Quaint


queen of quaint,

a title lovingly bestowed

on me, myself and I

some time ago

an observation of a

mere acquaintance

and rightfully so

my golden years upon me

my life flying by in a

woosh, reaching out for

purpose and symmetry

yet not numbed into


a free-spirited soul

sipping a cup of

her favorite coffee

while yearning to express

thoughts of yore,

thoughts of today

thoughts of morrow

looking forward to

another sunny and

whimsical day


A whimsical poem about me, myself and I, in response to Gina@Singledust’s challenge –

Write a poem about oneself, it could be a story waiting to be told or a song to be sung   18th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Cafe



About -Eugenia

"Style means the right word. The rest matters little" - Jules Renard
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  1. i loved this Eugenia! Queen of Quaint! you had a title to it to and it fits you perfectly! thank you for taking the challenge, will be posting this soon my dear! now i have to go and edit mine, it seems so plae in comparison. you make me smile!

    • This is a great idea and a fun challenge, Gina, and I hope you have a trove of participants. One of my beBee followers labeled me as “queen of quaint” and I liked it.

      • i am glad you are supportive of my ideas, they seem pretty lame sometimes but I am quirky and like fun stuff! i thought that was a really lovely title, and want to share your creativity with everyone!

      • I love you ideas! I’m quirky too and fun stuff makes for brighter days. I’m glad you enjoyed my quirky poem.

      • i enjoy the energy you have Eugenia. it’s very uplifting! and quirky is always so interesting!

  2. Reblogged this on Go Dog Go Café and commented:
    Share your poem with me at the GDG!
    The first poem I received was from our very own Barista Eugenia and her is titled Queen of Quaint. So original and quirky! read it here

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  6. Your poem has a wonderful sense of warmth and happiness to it, Your Majesty. May your reign be long and joyful. Please do not increase the tax on coffee beans though.

  7. Very nice! I admire those who write poetry. Thank you for the kind word on my blog. Be well, and Happy Writing!

    • Happy writing and thank you!

      • Oh, you’re most welcome. I have to acknowledge talent. ~grin~ And thank you for the kind words on my eyeglasses and kitty. She seems fine now that we’re back from our trip. And the pet sitters didn’t even charge extra for the unprecedented (! – I would have thought they had pet sitting emergencies before now) event. Be well!

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