my fettered mind was

consumed by the nether world

a day in the life



Interpreting the image above provided by Susi Bocks –

 IWH Haiku Challenge – Week #7


featured image –

prompt image – provided by Susie Bocks

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  1. Thank you, Susi! This is what my day has been like, thus far! Between tracking a package not received, the cable company, and this ugly weather, this describes my day to a T. Thank you for the interesting prompt and giving me the chance to rant! 🙂


  2. Good morning… Reading this way in the night. So much thunder and lightning about. Such a shame to sleep through it all. So nice of you to provide this to read.

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  3. Where was that magical picture taken? Grand Canyon ?

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  4. Wonderful haiku Eugenia. That was quite the day for you. Ranting is healthy…😄

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  1. I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge #8 – I Write Her

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