Power of Manipulation

can’t blow their own horn

the famous or infamous

wallow in glory

neither owned or earned

the enemy their scapegoats

puppeteer tactics

Prompt #102 – Public figures make us hate their enemies.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102


featured image – Pexels

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19 replies

  1. Eugenia, how do you make the falling leaves happen?


    • It is a Plugin called Weather Effect. It offers several options for each season. I like to have fun with it.


      • Is it on WP or does one have to have their own blog?


      • PoemsNSuch is a WordPress blog and on the Business Plan. There are several Plugins available on the Business Plan, but the plan is one you pay for. There are other ways to get weather effects on your blog by using CSS code.

        I was able to get snow last year on BrewNSpew (which isn’t on a plan with optional Plugins) by using CSS code. I looked it up in Google.


  2. ‘Neither owned nor earned’ is so true. We bestow it on them.


  3. You captured well a society in which owning or earning ones right to be recognized has become just way to much like work. I really enjoyed this piece, Eugenia.


  4. Excellent, Eugenia! I like the fire raining down also.


  5. Oops those are fall leaves but for the purposes of your poem, I imagined fire 😉



  1. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #103 – Reena Saxena

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