Month: September 2019

I’m so pretty

leaves fall to and fro silent hush harmonious autumn hues tawny It’s Awww Monday at Comedy Plus -Eugenia Photo by Nadi Whatisdelirium on Unsplash

About Me

Hello Everyone! Here’s just a little bit about me! I was born and raised in Orlando, FL, where I lived for 32 years before moving to the South Florida area. I spent a few years in Ft. Lauderdale and then trekked across… Read More ›

Maintaining Order

creatures of wonder leafy tree they call their home nature takes notice It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

Hindsight is 20/20

hindsight so clever, but perhaps of little value actual occurrence blurred by foregone conclusions seemingly without qualm and grave consequences may lead to one’s demise Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105 Your Daily Word Prompt – Qualm – September 21, 2019 -Eugenia featured… Read More ›

Embracing change

summer’s end doldrums mindsets struggle for repair leaves vibrant, beckon treasured thoughts of gifts received translating autumn daydreams KaylaAnnAuthor – The Alphabet Challenge The Alphabet Challenge – The letter “D” In Other Words, repair -Eugenia featured image –

A not so fun home

my mother told me fundamental common sense redeems one’s downfall Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 – My Mother told me… Your Daily Word Prompt – Fundamental – September 17, 2019 Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Fun Home – Allison Bechdel -Eugenia… Read More ›

Camaraderie in blog land

those who care to share inspiration their passion contentment is bliss The Inspiration Award The Inspiration Award was created by John of The Eclectic Contrarian – this is how he describes the Award itself. “The Inspiration Award: The Inspiration Award is a… Read More ›