Hindsight is 20/20

hindsight so clever, but

perhaps of little value

actual occurrence blurred

by foregone conclusions

seemingly without qualm

and grave consequences

may lead to one’s demise

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105

Your Daily Word Prompt – Qualm – September 21, 2019


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15 replies

  1. “actual occurrence blurred

    by foregone conclusions”

    speaks so much.

    The last line came as a surprise.


  2. I don’t see the Reblog button as yet.


  3. Wise words, Eugenia. It reminds me of a quote: “You’ve got one foot in the past, one foot in the future, and you’re pissing on the present.” Living fully in the now is very difficult to do but vital to work towards.


  4. A creative, clever write and challenge indeed!❤



  1. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #106 – Reena Saxena

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