Do you believe?

Santa’s sleigh topsy-turvy

leaving a swath

of holiday drama.

Splendid gifts wrapped with care

lost in a quilt of clouds

for evah and evah!

But, wait! Elves to the rescue

and every gift retrieved!

Hey, li’l children

gather around coz

’tis no fallacy the

miracle on 34th street

is to be believed.

KaylaAnn’s Annual Blogmas Contest

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Miracle on 34th Street


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"Style means the right word. The rest matters little" - Jules Renard
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  1. Very beautiful Eugenia! 😀

  2. There is much that we don’t understand. That doesn’t mean it’s not real!

  3. Love this! Santa’s my favorite!!

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  5. The power of belief is the force, behind The Miracle On 34th Street! Well-put, Eugenia!

  6. Well said and thank you!

Your comments are most appreciated! 😉