I am…

my alter ego

it follows me,

a bigger person

than I.

yet, my inner crony

together we go to battle

in search of


our wish for

inner peace.

our wish to

become one

with life.

What do you see # 20- March 9, 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Battle – #YDWordPrompt March 9, 2020


featured image – dreamstime Royalty-Free stock photo

Categories: Poetry, Writing Challenges

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26 replies

  1. Wonderfully done Eugenia. Love your concept of alter ego walking with you.
    Thanks for being a part of the challenge.


  2. Great use of the prompts and the picture was perfect for the poem! 😀


  3. This is excellent, Eugenia.


  4. So creatively assembled and written


  5. Cat pic – got to read it!


  6. Often our many hats seem to separate our role and soul –
    it is nice when we can have them work together. 🙂


  7. Oh, yes… You’ve captured it well!


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