Ode to a dad

he was the man,

my dad,

he showed me the way

taught me what to say

filled me with hope

oh, those slippery slopes


we laughed, we cried

had nothing to hide

took life in our stride

my mentor, my guide


even though you’re gone

I’ve stayed strong

you showed me the way

taught me what to say

you were always there

you’re always here

I’ll always care

you’re the man,

Thanks dad.

Your son, Paul

Written in memory of my husband’s dad, William Joy Hoffman.


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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." - Robert Frost

26 thoughts on “Ode to a dad

  1. How thoughtful all of you have been towards my true Cowboy Father! He was a true legend in the beef and produce business – Paul (Eugi’s husband)


  2. This is such a beautiful poetic tribute to your Father in Law beautifully written… What a wonderful photo of him also…. I am sure he is greatly missed, but always in love by yours and your Husbands side…
    Sending Huge hugs your way Eugenia…. Lots of love.. Sue ❤

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