The tipping point

sticks and stones

voices raised

the kind unsaid

the kind unheard

photographs cry

history cluttered

contest of life

muttered naive

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #145 – Cryptic

The prompt is to use the above style of writing as an inspiration. The subject is totally your choice. It can be either prose or poetry or poetic prose or prose-poetry or a combination of both. But, keep it as short and as cryptic as possible.


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  1. Thought provoking verses

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  2. Well done, Eugenia! I could feel it inside.

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  3. Darwin talked about ‘survival of the fittest’ long back, but civilisation taught us to share and live together in a community. But the size of the cake changes mindsets. I see it is as evolution into a different era.

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  4. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:

    The tipping point ….. by Eugenia

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  5. This is amazing, had me scratching my head and yet kept me interested.

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  1. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #146 – Reena Saxena

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