prompt image

ballooning carefree

witnessed summer

vanish into fall’s hands

anxious moments as

the tree of life

protested nature’s grasp

stuff happens

What do you see # 45 – 31 August 2020

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #111: stuff happens

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge Sept 1, 2020 “into fall’s hands”

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Tree of Life” August 31, 2020 

Your Daily Word Prompt – Anxious – September 1, 2020


image sources – balloons – Ian Dooley- Unsplash

Tree of Life – Lunapic generated –

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15 replies

  1. Yes it does! Autumn is in the air here – I’m not ready.

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  2. Stuff happens! Love your take on the prompts. Thanks for including mine here as well.

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  3. Love your take on this prompt!

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  4. Good job incorporating all the prompts, Eugenia! 🙂

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  1. Sharing responses to this week’s challenge, WDYS # 45 from; Eugenia, Happy Soul and Tanya – Keep it alive
  2. Not Everything is “Stuff” – One Woman's Quest II
  3. What do you see # 45 – A around up – Keep it alive

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