Month: October 2020

Summoning change

questionable times some days a most dreadful frost world peace in your hands VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #118: FROST Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge– In your hands – October 27, 2020 -Eugenia image source – Pexels

A Halloween Celebration

Blustery winds wail as a lonely dog howls out of tune. Loons cry out their guttural and eerie sounds as shadowy figures, not friendly folk, commiserate with ghouls and goblins planning and plotting a fright night to behold. An intoxicating… Read More ›

Forever silent

listen do you hear voices walled within the tomb morphing of echoes What do you see- 53 – 26 October’20 EIF Poetry Challenge #8: Halloween Special! -Eugenia image source – Linus Sandvide@ Unsplash

Are you asleep?

pumpkiny comforts gifted treasures of autumn winds blowing fondly It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus -Eugenia image source –

The Great Pumpkin

hushed was the rumor the dark of night shaken, and patch dwellers aghast. the Great Pumpkin rose to the delight of children pumpkiny deeds carried forth. yet the awe assaulted by air with a singular chill A magical moment only… Read More ›

A night’s hard day

yellow dreams tainted slime pigments consumed moon beams like pearls from tissue oh, let the times chant once more as we grimace in-between dVerse Poetics: The charms of Samuel Greenberg and his The Pale Impromptu – hosted by Laura Bloomsbury -Eugenia… Read More ›

Roads traveled

dramas of ageing silenced the misery that dwells amid willows hearts stilled except in the eye of the storm The Saturday Symphony #15 (Eye of the storm) What do you see- 52 – 19 October’20 VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #117: EXCEPT Tuesday Writing… Read More ›