Last night

dark silence broken

vatic voices etched my soul

I felt my demise

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The prompt hosted by Lisa “the vatic voice of a poet is one that is infused with spirit that comes from another place. That voice has been regarded by some as a sign of divine transmission and by others as a sign of madness.”

My poem reflects whether by divine transmission or a sign of madness, it pays to listen and perhaps, avoid undesirable consequences.


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errored post retrieved from archives – originally written for prompts –

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155 – Horror

My response to dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice.

13 responses to “Last night

  1. You’ve captured the feeling so well Eugenia

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  2. I’ve thought about this so often – if I will feel my demise. Thanks for the contribution!

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  3. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:

    Last Night ….. by Eugenia

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  4. Woah that’s an incredible haiku, and your explanation is so mysterious and intriguing too.🤩

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  5. ‘ I felt my demise.’ unique take.

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