Seasonal bliss

marmalade and gold

the whoosh of seasonal change

inhaling autumn

Responding to Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Mish.


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errored post retrieved from archives – originally written for prompts –

dVerse Open Link Night #275

32 responses to “Seasonal bliss

  1. I hear it, Eugi; I inhale it. I’m there. Thanks.

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  2. Love tha autumn colors.

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  3. Looking forward to autumn, huh? 🙂

    It’s a great season and you describe it very well. Another beautiful piece, Eugi. You have a way with creating the most serene images with brevity.

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  4. Beautiful lines. What an apt description of the autumnal colors.

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  5. Smoking hot haiku!!! Very well done…i love marmalade!!!Yay!

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  6. Marmalade and gold – such lovely, positive Autumnal images! We do inhale it, in that cold in the air – great haiku!!

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  7. Those colours are just right, Eugenia, and when I read ‘the whoosh of seasonal change’, I took a deep breath!

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  8. I can smell it too😊. That photo is perfect. Walking under that must be like walking through sunshine😊


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  9. I love this. Haiku never sounded better … Whoosh! 🧡🍁

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  10. So elegantly simple and yet filled with precise details and movement. This is vitality. Gorgeous haiku.

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  11. Thank you for your lovely comment, Victoria.


  12. Gorgeous!!

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  13. Exactly, Eugi!

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  14. Oh marmalade is a great colour and the onomatopoeia of “whoosh” made your haiku come to life.

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  15. I love the smell of autumn. (K)

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  16. If only the colors would be bright like this…

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