This old house

the old house, fazed with haunts

it’s cobwebbed walls ooze with sin

drunken deeds connived with taunts

as spirits feel the thunder within


its bones creak with each bootless step

from here to there and back again

assaulting souls of those who slept

the witless feel the thunder within


its facade once an enchanting wonder

stands helplessly pathetic in its fallacy

foundational elements now asunder

once a home now garbed in agony


moon lit rooms where shadows played

no matter the hour nor where or when

tis a shame its luster of reality decayed

a home that welcomed the thunder within


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- “the thunder within” October 6, 2020

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub – You Want It Darker, guest hosted by Lucy.


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33 replies

  1. Well done! You’ve set quite a somber and spooky mood with your words.

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  2. Wow, extremely dark descriptions about the old house. I think it’s especially haunting how it welcomes the thunder inside or the thunder within, which could mean both internal and external chaos. I love the details in this piece and I enjoyed reading it very much. Amazing piece.

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  3. How sad to see that wonderful house now old with creaking bones. A good ballad structure, with a solid theme about the old house. Thanks for joining in.

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  4. Ooooh! This is perfect Halloween material. Great poem Eugenia

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  5. I love a haunted house tale, Eugi – this one is fantastic! There’s a perfect haunted house type house just down the road from us, maybe I’ll write about it for Halloween…

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  6. There is nothing spookier and more evocative than a ruin of a house, Eugenia, and you’ve captured the haunting spirit of this one in your ballad. I love the way you appeal to the sense of sound in ‘its bones creak with each bootless step’ and sight in the ‘moon lit rooms where shadows played’– it’s shadows and sounds that play havoc with the imagination!

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  7. This is beautifully written Eugi😍

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  8. AH the tales it could tell! Seems there’s one such in every town, where the teenagers ride by and scare themselves with local ghost stories! Well written, rhythmic rhyming.

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  9. Deliciously dark and spooky! 😀

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  10. A great haunted house poem! Enjoyed this so much 🙂

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  11. Old houses can be so very dark and menacing… love the take and that picture.

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  12. Oh this is deliciously haunting in the dark.Well written. I enjoyed it.

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