Time is an illusion

time is of the essence

deadline coming soon

time is money

deadline is tight

time is relative

deadline looms

time running out

deadline is past

tick tock goes the clock


ending of the end

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #156

dVerse Poets Pub host, Bjorn – MTB – Lists that Google give us

Googled words – time is and deadline is


image source – lovethispic.com

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  1. This is gorgeously worded! I love the combination of time and deadlines as they both go hand in hand 🙂

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  2. I wonder if people realise clocks will keep ticking well beyond a perceived end.

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  3. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:

    Time is an illusion ….. by Eugenia


  4. Time keeps on ticking even when our clock stops!! :>)
    I love your review of time’s roll in our lives.

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  5. I enjoyed the way you played with ‘time’ and ‘deadline’, Eugenia. As I get older, I am ever more conscious of the final deadline.

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  6. Loved that Eugenia… Time is of the essence… 🙂 that graphic was also memorising lol 🙂
    Have a great weekend… Much love ❤

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  7. How Eugenia. I’m a day late getting around to reading peoples works but I love what you wrote here so I guess the wait was worth it. 🙂 You dealt with time wonderfully in this poem, and I love the GIF that you put at the top. Fascinating. Great choice, great work.

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  8. This reminds me of those days of chaos, 9-5 and then some, when I didn’t know which end of me was up!! Beautifully illustrated!!

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  9. I like time is relative as it really depends on one’s perspective. I like the found poem, thanks!

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  10. ooooh. this is a clever combination of two interrelated words! felt the rush, too!

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  11. The alternating lines of time and deadline felt like the tick-tock of the clock. Very inventive. Your graphic is mesmerizing!

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  12. Those deadlines are hunting use day and night.

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  1. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #157 – Reena Saxena

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