A Halloween Celebration

Blustery winds wail as a lonely dog howls out of tune. Loons

cry out their guttural and eerie sounds as shadowy figures,

not friendly folk, commiserate with ghouls and goblins planning

and plotting a fright night to behold. An intoxicating sky glitters

as bats and black cats tango in the stars. Apparitions waltz

with the man in the moon as broom wielding witches jitterbug atop

quilted clouds. One may wonder why the ado? Come hither, my friends,

and enjoy this spooky affair. It’s Halloween!

evading spirits

cosmic rhythm lost in time

hustle the applause

dVerse Haibun Monday 10-26-20: Happy Halloween! hosted by Frank J. Tassone


image source – lovethispic.com

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28 replies

  1. Love the wordplay Eugenia.

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  2. Not just any Hallowe’en, but a Super Blue Moon, at which the damsels to aim their brooms, and the canines, their baying. Then, too, it’s Saturday night-all shall break loose!!

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  3. It’s good to see a bit of fun and jollity tonight! This is a party on a page.

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  4. A fun haibun, Eugenia, and I love the appeal to the senses in the sounds, especially the lonely dog howling out of tune, and the sight of the intoxicating sky glittering and broom wielding witches jitterbugging!

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  5. Such ghoulish fun in your haibun!

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  6. This was an absolute delight, not the least of which is the “jitterbugging witches on quilted clouds”!

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  7. Very nice! Love the cosmic connection!
    I checked out your kindle book of poems for your mom… very nice!

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  8. I love the bouncy feel of this, and the wordplay and rhythm.

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  9. Love those sounds… wish there was a loon somewhere for me as well.

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  10. Love the language and vibe.

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  11. I love the lonely dog howling out of tune.

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  12. A very lively party for the creatures of the night!

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