This old hotel

this old hotel, her fashionable

Victorian charm thrived in an

era where tales of intimacy

and passion were shushed.

days when porcelain skin

was caressed with scents of

lilac that continue to cling,

and provoke admiration

of desire.

this old hotel, seduced by

untold stories where only

moon shadows dared to

shine on polished silver and

burnished gold.

this charming Grande Dame,

her days of grandeur faded,

must take her last bow to

make way for lurking success.

her memoirs remain an

unwritten rhapsody.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: use the words hotel and porcelain skin,Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt – Cling – November 17, 2020

Word of the Day Challenge – Provoke

Fae Corps PAD Challenge #16


image source – Pexels

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14 replies

  1. This poem reminds me of an old hotel we visited in Alaska – purported to be haunted. Well done.

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  2. Love the old worldly charm of this poem

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  3. Beautifully poetic. Loved it

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  4. An enchanting poem, Eugenia! Loved the repetition of “The Old Hotel”
    and the ending was perfect!

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  5. The stories it could tell … perfect poem.

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  1. Intimacy without Boundaries – One Woman's Quest II

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