And the beat goes on

once upon a time

leaving on a jet plane

rocking on the railroad

driving in the fast lane

walking on the wild side

we are family

everybody get up and sing


those were the days my friend

we thought they’d never end

we’d live the life we choose

a family affair

only a phone call away

and so it goes


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge– Thanksgiving or Family – November 24, 2020

Fae Corps PAD Challenge #23


image source – Pexels

37 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. Gosh, I could hear this tune in my head❤️ So hearty and merry! I pictured the slight bouncing of the train car and people crowded in one table! What a delight!

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  2. I have missed being here dear Eugenia.. And yes those were the days my friend… Who’d have thunk it.. 🙂
    Great Poem Eugenia, And I was listening to this Song the other day Eugenia… Time Passages by Al Stewart… Your poem kind of reminded me of that song ..
    Much love my friend.. ❤ Happy Thanksgiving to you ❤

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    1. Dear Sue, thank you so much for sharing this with me. What a wonderful trip down memory lane and yes, those were the days when life was simpler for many. I hope you feel better soon, Sue, and take care. 💖

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  3. Hi Eugenia, I have published a book of poems on Amazon and you get a mention in the preface as my inspiration for many of the poems. Only available on Kindle. Search Joseph R Mason 🙂

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    1. How lovely, Joseph, and I’m delighted my prompts were an inspiration for you. You truly brightened my day! I’ll check out your Amazon link! 🤗


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