Daily Archives: 01/03/2021

Realize hope

full cold moon rises

glimmers of hope before dawn

wayward visions dwell

enclosed in unturned pages

new beginnings await us

“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus

I have closed out Eugi’s Causerie II and started a brand new blog, Eugi’s Potpourri.

This poem was the last piece published on Eugi’s Causerie II, Dec. 31, 2020, and is my first poem published on Eugi’s Potpourri. I believe realizing hope is key to moving forward in 2021 and feel the poem needed to move forward, as well.

The poem responded to Frank Tassone’s Haiku Happenings #1 (12/31/20) and Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 209.

Eugi’s Causerie continues as always except to change it’s name from Eugi’s Causerie I to Eugi’s Causerie.


image source – lovethispic.com