And so it goes…

frizzled frazzled world

moments made awkward

silenced thoughts reign distracted

dVerse Open Link Night #281, hosted by sanaarizvi

Your Daily Word Prompt – Distracted – January 7, 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – Awkward

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Tale Weaver – #309 – 7th January – A Basket Case


Photo by Anang Santoso from Pexels

30 responses to “And so it goes…

  1. Relatable, Eugenia. This poem accurately describes my state of mind sometimes. Yesterday’s events at the Capital were especially distressing!

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  2. Frizzled frazzled is true!

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  3. Jael Stevens


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  4. The title with the image made me smile! 😊 This poem has a lot to say in it’s brevity and “silenced thoughts.” It’s the inexplicable that’s always the most awkward! ✨

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  5. Great descriptive words for the feelings of now, Eugi. Good capture.

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  6. Too much distraction these days.

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  7. Powerful write! 💝

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  8. I love the alliterative ‘frizzled frazzled world’, Eugenia – read aloud it is an audible expression of dismay and fear.

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  9. Can I add ‘frozen’ to that list? Great description of our plight.

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  10. Well done!


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  11. Excellent response Eugenia, you summed it up so well.

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  12. It does indeed so go, you express the current but also the past experience.

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