And so it goes…

frizzled frazzled world

moments made awkward

silenced thoughts reign distracted

dVerse Open Link Night #281, hosted by sanaarizvi

Your Daily Word Prompt – Distracted – January 7, 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – Awkward

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Tale Weaver – #309 – 7th January – A Basket Case


Photo by Anang Santoso from Pexels

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30 replies

  1. Relatable, Eugenia. This poem accurately describes my state of mind sometimes. Yesterday’s events at the Capital were especially distressing!

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  2. Excellent.

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  3. The title with the image made me smile! 😊 This poem has a lot to say in it’s brevity and “silenced thoughts.” It’s the inexplicable that’s always the most awkward! ✨

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  4. Great descriptive words for the feelings of now, Eugi. Good capture.

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  5. Too much distraction these days.

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  6. Powerful write! 💝

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  7. I love the alliterative ‘frizzled frazzled world’, Eugenia – read aloud it is an audible expression of dismay and fear.

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  8. Can I add ‘frozen’ to that list? Great description of our plight.

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  9. Excellent response Eugenia, you summed it up so well.

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  10. It does indeed so go, you express the current but also the past experience.

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