Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Wolf Moon – January 28, 2021

Your Weekly Prompt  Wolf Moon January 28, 2021

howling at night fall

moonbeams over the lea

full wolf moon prevails

The sunset embers smolder low,
The Moon climbs o’er the hill, 
The peaks have caught the alpenglow,
The robin’s song is still.

–John L. Stoddard (1850–1931)

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89 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Wolf Moon – January 28, 2021

  1. Adventure lurks
    In sthe still of the night
    Hidden beneath that silver moon light
    The cry of the animals
    Wild and the tame
    Awaiting the return of
    Moon wolf for his game.
    He has lived his life
    Protecting the others
    In the still of the night
    He is unlike his brothers
    His story as told
    Was a change in his ways
    A moon wolf never hated
    Hidden in night’s maze…

    Yup Eugenia…you’re my inspiration, and will be sure to complete and release 😃🖨

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    1. ❤️I love this – a story told in a poem and with a happy ending! Thank you so much for joining in and you’re my inspiration on LinkedIn! ❣️

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      1. The haiku I wrote to fit your challenge prompt actually actually needed to go with the photo of the Moon and the two white wolves that you used in your original post.

        I did insert the link from your blog to my blog, but the poem and the photo didn’t show up in the same post. If its OK with you I think I’ll try to copy the photo into a new SOMETIMES post and connect that way.
        I don’t know why my brain seems to think this simple activity is like rocket science. 🙂

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  3. I did not get to see the Wolf Moon the first night, and only a partial glimpse last night.
    I know there is a wolf sanctuary a few towns over, but in my little slice of suburbia I haven’t seen any.
    I have seen fox and the other day I am fairly certain I saw a coyote!

    You can start with this little acrostic (I hope to be back with a different verse) – Thank you.

    Keening for Space

    Where to be free to live
    Ordinary lives that are allowed
    Laughter, love and light footedness
    Forged by natural instincts…


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      1. I have my fun 😉
        Thank you for the prompt 🙂
        Some days when I feel overwhelmed I cram or smash prompts. It’s a mental exercise! 🦊

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