the time came then went away while the clock ticks its pendulum swings a forever lullaby from pretty little pills some make you larger some make you small some do nothing at all agos become todays in visions without purpose and life has no future the mind slumbers as sensations dance til the break of … More Timing

Lights out

ideas vised campaign lacked a theme prone to vice Reena’s Xploration Challenge #174 Word of the Challenge – Theme -Eugenia

Farewells in dreams

waves of dreams begin surrender a midnight sigh pining for month’s end uncouth with gelid moments warmth of spring beckons me close VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: WAVES #TANKA TUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 214, #THEMEPROMPT – Dreams Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge—February 23, 2021 Word of the Day Challenge – Month Your Daily Word Prompt – #Uncouth – #YDWordPrompt February … More Farewells in dreams

Worldly woes

wish they’d right the world home sweet home values askew science spreads naive What do you see # 70- February 22 2021 Word of the Day Challenge – Science -Eugenia image source – lovethispic.com


repeating untruths manage to wangle sheeple life’s flow unguarded Reena’s Xploration Challenge #173 Your Daily Prompt – Wangle – February 19, 2021 -Eugenia image source – lovethispic.com