Farewells in dreams

waves of dreams begin

surrender a midnight sigh

pining for month’s end

uncouth with gelid moments

warmth of spring beckons me close



Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge—February 23, 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – Month

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Uncouth – #YDWordPrompt February 23, 2021


image source – lovethispic.com

17 responses to “Farewells in dreams

  1. Up to the 50’s today… but the ground is still covered in snow and ice.
    Might get a chance to finally take a walk outside without the weather being below 32 F.

    Really am looking forward to some spring to go along with the sunshine.

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  2. Spring has sprung in our area today! 37 F this morning and a high of 66 F this afternoon. 🤗

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  3. Beautiful dreams of spring… the snow is melting! We have snow soup everywhere. Lovely how you managed all the prompts. You always amaze me. ❤

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  4. I’m pining too, but don’t want to get too invested as March can be so fickle here. Beautifully written Eugi. The image is incredible.

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  5. There is an urgency that winter should just go away now. Beautiful poem Eugenia

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  6. Alexander De

    Gelid! Excellent. The longing is palpable.

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  7. Beautiful! I especially liked “surrender a midnight sigh”


  8. “uncouth with gelid moments”

    Love that!

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