The Easter Parade

seducing silence with white trumpets,

lilies lead the Easter parade.

marching pink ruffled petals, Azaleas

share their love and moderation. Crocus,

dressed in pastel-purple lend mirth

and youth, followed by Gardenias,

unfurling alabaster-white blooms

give love, purity and peace. Gerbera Daisies,

vibrant and cheerful bring happiness

and contentment, while Irises,

garbed in deep purple hues

show nobility and wisdom. Daffodils,

early spring bloomers, smile at the arrival

of new life. Tis a grand event celebrated

by the Easter parade.

my Easter basket

filled with daisies and sweet peas

my Easter bonnet

fashioned like a fairytale

green grass is growing

birds whistle sweet melodies

beneath diamond filled skies

The Saturday Symphony #24 (Easter)


image source – Pexels

credits –

7 responses to “The Easter Parade

  1. Beautiful, Eugi! It got me very excited about Easter and spring time; memories hopped about too… 🐰

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  2. A beautiful poem Eugenia.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These poems are lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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