Introducing the first anthology produced by The Short of It. This anthology features the brilliant work of 41 poets and writers. The pieces within these pages are the best of those submitted and showcased in The Short of It online magazine.

The Short of It is the brainchild of none other than our fellow blogger, Susi Bocks, of I Write Her.

I am proud to present the “best of the best.

The anthology contains 120 pieces in a variety of forms and styles. They are astute observations about living, emotions, and our world. I hope they will leave you sighing, as they did me, having been touched by the artistry in every writer’s words. I know they gave me many deep impressions with their sweet succinctness.

For those interested in being featured on The Short of It, it will open for submissions on July 1st! I look forward to immersing myself in your work. – Susi Bocks

You may purchase the paperback or the eBook from Amazon. Click the underlined link below for the version you would prefer.

I am thrilled to have my work included in this publication and my sincerest thanks to Susi Bocks for this wonderful opportunity.


Copyright © 2023 – All rights reserved.

32 responses to “The Sound of Brilliance by Susi Bocks (Author)”

  1. Congratulations. I just got my copy and it is wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much, Ali!❤️

  2. Congrutulatins Eugenia, and very well done Susi

    1. Thank you, Ivor, and I’m sure Susi thanks you, as well.❤️

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  4. Congratulations, Eugenia! <3

    1. Thank you, Cheryl!😊

  5. Thank you, Goff!

  6. Congratulations Eugenia ❣️

    1. Thank you so much, Radhika!

  7. Thank you! 😊

  8. My pleasure!

  9. yay congrats eugi… will check it now

    1. Thank you, Mich! 😊

  10. Simple nice and enjoying

    1. Thank you!

  11. Congratulations, Eugenia, this sounds like a great book!

    1. Thank you, Ingrid! 😊

  12. So lovely picture 👌🌷

    1. Thank you!

  13. And I am thrilled and grateful to you, dear Eugenia! When I first wandered onto WordPress, it was when I started to follow the many wonderful writers, including yourself, who gave me the courage to challenge myself to do more and get out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad that you decided to be a part of The Short of It family since its inception. Thank YOU for your incredible work showcased within this anthology. 🙂 xoxo <3

    1. You’re an inspiration, Susi, and you keep me keepin’ on! Thank you again for the opportunity to showcase my work! ❤️🤗xoxo

      1. And you, mine! I’m happy that your work is in the anthology!! <3

        1. My pleasure, Susi, and thank you! ❣️

  14. Awesome! 😊

    1. Thank you!😊

  15. 👍👍😍

    1. 😊❤️

      1. Just bought it. Thanks

        1. Thank you so much, Sadje!🤗❤️❣️

          1. It’s a pleasure Eugenia


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