Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Sustain – Sept. 9, 2021

one must improvise

nature’s grasp sustains

take it or leave it

“There must be a better way to make the things we want, a way that doesn’t spoil the sky, or the rain or the land” By Paul McCartney

Your Weekly Prompt – Sustain – September 9, 2021

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Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay

About Eugenia

“I would rather be amongst forest animals and the sound of nature, than amongst city traffic and the noise of man.” Anthony D. Williams.
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  2. Oh, I do love your piece, Eugenia! Doing the best you can with what we’re given! Here’s my take –

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  4. Lovely prompt ❣️

  5. Eugenia,

    While I think we should do our best to take care of our world, sometimes the things that’s suppose to be better is just as bad if not worse. I believe our world is more resilient than we think, though. Nice poetry! Have a good weekend, darlin’!

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  14. happy Friday friends love from LA xo

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  16. So magical, Eugenia and take it or leave it is one of Granny’s slogan too😺Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend🐾😽💞

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