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Setting sun


the edge of night

What do you see # 99 – September 13, 2021

Poetry Fluff – No-Fear Poetry – pi-ku

This form is known as piku: A ‘piku’ is a haiku mixed with the first few digits of pi (3.14), and the aim is to get the message across in the eight syllables (3-1-4).

First line: 3 syllables
Second line: 1 syllable
Third line: 4 syllables


Image credit; Kenrick Mills @Unsplash

19 thoughts on “Twilight

      1. It ran from 1956 to 84 on CBS (until 1975) and ABC. The plan was to make it a daytime version of Perry Mason, but Erle Stanley Gardner didn’t like the idea of giving Perry a love interest and pulled his support. They worked things out and Perry, Della, Paul, Lt. Tragg, and Hamilton Burger became a primetime staple.

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      1. It is. It’s great for teaching editing, as well. I ask people to write the plot of a favourite book or film, about half a page. Then I get them to reduce it to two small paragraphs, then a paragraph. Then they write a haiku without me telling them it’s a haiku; then a piku.

        By the end, they have two poems they didn’t know they were writing, and they’ve had a lesson in paring their writing down to the essentials.

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