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Yes, the time has come for a change or two, maybe three. Autumn, being my favorite time of the year, gives me a sense of renewal. I like to clean and declutter in autumn as much as I do in spring.

With that said, I have deleted Eugi’s Milieu, my other blog. From it’s beginning, the intent for Eugi’s Milieu was a poetry only blog. But, I also post poems from Eugi’s Causerie so I feel the purpose for having two blogs is redundant. Many of you probably didn’t know I had a second blog.

Plus, WordPress has retired all of their themes (yes, I know they are still visible in the Theme Showcase), and yes, some are still functional but some are not. I’m tired of keeping up with themes for two blogs and feel it best to put my efforts into just one blog.

Combining the two blogs wasn’t the direction I wanted to take so I copied all poems from Eugi’s Milieu into a word doc to be posted at a future date into Eugi’s Causerie, Spillwords Press or PoetrySoup.

One more item to cover is I don’t reblog from my site because of image storage and what percentage is allowed by my WordPress plan (I deleted over 3,000 images because I was close to my media limit). That doesn’t mean I won’t set up a new post with another blogger’s work I want to share.

So from today forward, all prompts, poems and other stuff will be posted from Eugi’s Causerie.

Keep on keepin’ on!


47 thoughts on “Changes to Blogs

  1. I hear you on having more than one blog. It’s time consuming just having one. Enjoy your decluttering.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Eugenia. Big hug. ♥

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  2. You’re an inspiration. I seriously need to do a blog clean up, including getting rid of lots of images! I like getting the place (the real one where I live) ready for the cold weather… so it feels cozy, rather than like a garage full of clutter. Lol. Happy Autumn. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sadje. I still have the other blog, which is empty now. I wish I could think of another use for it because my plan doesn’t expire until February. But, then I would be defeating my purpose.

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  3. Thanks for the update. I find one blog very demanding and am also going through the process of reviewing; so, there will be changes here possibly sooner than later. Happy New Blogging Days.

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      1. Thanks Eugenia. Blogs can be demanding. It’s a question of finding the right balance. Updates will be in my monthly news letter. Good luck with your blog, too

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  4. I love Fall and decoctions are out because Fall is calling! I completely understand being the lead CEO of running two blogs. I have two one discussion health, philosophy, etc. The other an interior design blog. Great post and thanks for sharing!

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      1. Thank you so much!!! I’ll try to post on the Jarrology soon so been on the look out!!😂🎃🍁🎥🎤💡🌍
        I just posted on the J’s Interior Design Artistry earlier this evening!
        Thank you for your follow and supporting I really appreciate that.

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  5. My second blog was mostly poetry and had a decent following but it seemed too much like Eugi’s Causerie, so what’s the point, IMO? Anyway, it’s much easier to focus on just one blog. Yes, WordPress has changed a lot. There are some themes but many are retired and not functional. We’re charged for our CSS usage and not the theme. Who do you use to host your site?

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