October magic

daunting moon pallid

destiny blamed for recall

nevermore prevails

rising sun


new beginnings

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge: #Poet’s choice

The form for the second poem is known as piku: A ‘piku’ is a haiku mixed with the first few digits of pi (3.14), and the aim is to get the message across in the eight syllables (3-1-4).

First line: 3 syllables

Second line: 1 syllable

Third line: 4 syllables


Image by Anab Khurshid from Pixabay

58 thoughts on “October magic

    1. I haven’t either!! I think the last time I wrote a haiku was when I was in elementary school though so I don’t think remember much about the different formats of poems anyway 😂

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  1. I’ve actually heard of pi ku 🙂 yours is verses are lovely 🙂

    There is also a tau ku – 3 lines, 1st/ 6 syllables, 2nd/ 2 s, 3rd/ 8 s.
    I don’t have any reasoning – just the counts per line.

    I know there are other math themed pi type verses too.

    I also like American ‘Lunes’
    Jack Collom Lune is 3,5,3 words in 3 lines
    Robert Lelly Lune is 5,3,5 syllables in 3 lines!!

    And then there is the Tricube 3 syllables, in 3 lines in 3 verses!

    Even and inside out haiku of 7,5,7 syllables.

    Short forms can be fun especially when mixing them up!

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