Once upon a spooky Halloween
nightmares consume sweet lullabies
frightful silhouettes assault
an unsuspecting moon
whilst din breaks silence
witches cast spells
as darkness
fills the

fools and ghouls
bats and black cats
the darkness their friend
stars drip from inky skies
moonbeams demised in the mist
omens and karma join the scene
Once upon a spooky Halloween

Ode to Halloween


61 thoughts on “My poem “Ode to Halloween” published on Spillwords Press Oct. 22, 2021

  1. I used to watch a show called Halloween Town. A teen had to make a choice though living with or without power. There always seems to be a trade off – that eventually balances out.

    Best to you – Congratulations!!

    I haven’t done ‘Halloween’ in years. I can tell you that some stir crazy folks in the neighborhoods have gone a bit overboard with decorating this year! 👀

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