how can this be

stolen is me of

me myself and I

little did they know

my life a no-show

many years ago

so you see

to be me

is not to be

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #208

The theme this week is

A Stolen Identity


21 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. It was 2003, and it took a while for me to realize why someone would break in and steal my raggedy old laptop. I came to the realization that they wanted personal information and notified credit cards and the bank. The crooks didn’t take anything else away from me except time and peace of mind. They called my son-in-law, whose number was on the computer, saying that I had applied for a job and they needed my Social Security number. 🙂

    Eugenia, I like the way you have aptly parodied Shakespeare, “to be or not to be.” It is very effective. ❤


    1. The crooks are always out to get us, aren’t they? Too bad they can’t use their cleverness for something other than evil. Thank you for reading and your comment, Cheryl. 😊


  2. I interrupted your poem differently from a stolen identity as in cybercrime or personal break ins. I thought you were referring to how easy it is for your true self to take the back burner in business or social life. Sometimes, it’s difficult to be oneself in various circles for whatever reason. Oh well…I hope you didn’t experience stolen identity as some commenters mentioned. That would be a nightmare! Hopefully with our recent new security protocols in place that it’ll decrease this kind of thing from happening. What a shame there is so much evil in the world! Good job on the poem, my friend!


    1. Interpretation of poetry is in the mind of the reader, Cathy, and any poem can be interpreted in various ways. 😊 I had my wallet stolen years ago but the thieves weren’t too smart and nabbed quickly. We can’t be too careful, can we?


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