Good riddance


belongs elsewhere

unload life’s busy-ness

set your inner-core free


Reena’s Xploration Challenge #209


image source – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

About Eugenia

“I would rather be amongst forest animals and the sound of nature, than amongst city traffic and the noise of man.” Anthony D. Williams.
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  1. Clean environment is always preferable.

  2. Sound advice! Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday sales 🙂

  3. Good advice. Nice take.

  4. I read about a gal who tossed or gave away five things a day for a year…
    I attempted thtat… Now I try the ‘for every one thing in two things have to go out.’
    For stuff, not food 😉

    • I try to do the same thing with my closet. Plus, if I haven’t worn something for a couple of years, I donate it.

      • There’s a consignment shop (mostly for the ‘hip’ crowd… that I tried to donate some old dresses too. They declined them – I saw they had written DOA on a card with the bag… I knew that meant Dead on Arrival. So I just gave them to charity 😀

      • We give most of our old clothes, etc. to charity.

      • I make it a point to donate to one charity, but buy from another (to avoid buying my own stuff back!!)! 🙂

      • Good idea! 🙂

  5. Sorry Eugi i can’t find the bottom for the follow….

  6. Oh i found the follow now on wordpress app….

  7. MOL…I like that word, hodgepodge, we didn’t know it..yet😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday🐾😽💞

  8. AGREED! Love your poem Eugi!
    BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) an purrss BellaDharma

  9. So relatable, Eugi. clutter has a way of creeping up on you! Beautifully written poem! <3 Take care!

  10. Set your inner core free

    is a great turn of phrase! There’s way too much clutter in the world. Love the poem, Eugenia! 💖

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