Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Untold – December 16, 2021

snow blankets gently

untold stories await

friends gather from afar

Your Weekly Prompt – Untold – December 16, 2021.

“They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter.” —Italian Proverb

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Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

69 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Untold – December 16, 2021

  1. How did you discover that you liked this form of poetry Eugenia? I like it as l like to read it, it’s not something l personally have a passion to produce perhaps more so because whilst l can read it and understand it as in comprehend the words, l don’t always get it. I prefer rhyming poetry because it is directly and straight talking. But how did you explore this to the degree that it seems to be very much a favourite style of yours?


    1. I like rhyming poetry, as well, Rory! I got involved with Haiku and other syllabic poetry because of Colleen Chesebro and her challenges.

      I love the challenge of trying to make a point in a very few words. And what is interesting is how readers interpret the poem. There are even shorter forms of poetry besides the Haiku.

      Here is Colleen’s definition of a Haiku – Haiku contains three lines following the short-long-short, 3-5-3, 2-3-2, (5-7-5 traditional) syllable count. Your haiku should contain approximately twelve syllables. We write haiku about nature, the seasons, a beautiful moment in nature, an emotional experience while in nature, or change. Haiku are untitled. The use of a Kigo (season word) is optional. Haiku do not rhyme. Do not use metaphors or similes in haiku.

      It’s the thrill of the chase, Rory! 😉


  2. Hey Eugi, I just wanted to ask if its ok to post this photo and my response on my twitter account. Thanks


  3. Beautiful shot and beautiful words.

    I love it that you have a fun and safe place for all. We’re on the same page where that is concerned.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥


  4. Eugenia, this is your .org blog isn’t it? i know it reads as .com, but do you have this .com and a .org blog as well?


    1. Hi Rory! Yes, it is my .org blog. I wanted to keep and transferred it from to Blue Host. I have only one blog. The domain name was because of my cat back then – Amanda Panda.


      1. Hey Eugenia, thanks – l just wanted to both clarify and confirm something, which you have just done 🙂

        I just wanted to make sure you were a .org – so thank you.


  5. Wonderful prompt and Christmas scene… May the joys of Christmas spread to untold hearts … That is not a poem… Just my wish for the world to remember the Gifts of giving from the heart should last all year… ❤
    Love and Hugs dear Eugenia.. ❤


  6. An untold story awaits in every blanket of fresh snow. Will a snowman or snow fort be built? Will it be a dry powdery snow or the wet sticky kind? What every story unfolds one thing for sure is the author is sure to have fun playing in the winter wonderland. 🙂


      1. Health and happiness to you 🤗!

        It’s clear to me you’re well-versed at making your best decisions in life, so all i have to say is: keep your cup full and life live to your fullest 🌱☀️🌻!


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