A mizzly day

mizzly and grey, the

sullen day brought on a smile

beneath the rainbow

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 255: #Tastetherainbow

*mizzly is a new word for me. The credit goes to Derrick Knight’s post – Soggy Sustenance


featured image – lovethispic.com

33 thoughts on “A mizzly day

    1. I commented to Derrick how much I enjoyed the word “mizzled” and I wanted to use it in a poem. 😉


    1. Probably/ It is primarily used in the UK. Definition – mizzle
      1. noun A fine rain that is less intense than drizzle but slightly more intense than mist. Primarily heard in UK.


  1. I enjoyed this poem, Euji! I love the sound of falling rain. I also love that it cleanses the earth. So, the smile that comes in your poem reminds me of always finding joy even when surrounded by dreariness. 🙂


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