Nothing from nothing is nothing – #Bloganuary 2022 – Day 5

is something doing nothing

is nothing doing something

I need something to do

to have nothing to do

I wish I knew how to do nothing

Today’s a great day to blog, and the Bloganuary prompt is:

What is something you wish you knew how to do?


featured image – Pexels

10 thoughts on “Nothing from nothing is nothing – #Bloganuary 2022 – Day 5

  1. While running errands I picked up a double sided puzzle (discounted at the library book store) of the famed “Falling Water” – the house one side, the blueprints the other. Time to get out my puzzle table!! 😀


  2. It’s been happening since I went to a self-hosted blog. I’ve tried various settings but without success. I’ll figure it out eventually. One of blogland friends that went self-hosted has the same problem. Sigh.


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