19 thoughts on “Wait for the dawning

    1. Some “new” things need time to prove their value. I’m not one to pounce on purchasing something new until I know more about it, especially electronics. 😉


      1. Hubby’s got a smart phone… Through his work. (Though retired he still helps occasionally so he gets to keep it).

        So many phones and plans. For a while there was one type of smart phone they wouldn’t allow on planes. Not sure if that issue was fixed.

        I still have records and CD’s. I remember 8track tapes and cassettes. And of course the ‘real’ dial phones. And TV’s with picture tubes. Us older folks need to stick together, so we can get lost together 😉


      2. Ha ha! I love the last sentence in your comment! Yep, I remember all that stuff too. I love some of the new fangled stuff like smart phones and computers. We don’t don’t buy the newest trends but wait and see how they fare. 😉


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