Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Harmony – January 11, 2022

strangers to kindness

barter with fate to exist

harmony brings peace

“Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Your Weekly Prompt – Harmony – January 11, 2022

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57 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Harmony – January 11, 2022

  1. If the last, don’t bothetr to get out of bed! After all it gives you some kind of comfort compared to icy sand and gravel, does it not?


  2. Not the greatest day so far, maybe it will get better?
    Just for you my friend;

    Is There Any Such Key?
    (in the first eleven days of the new year…)

    The rule of threes…
    One slip – on ice.

    Thrice declared “Mahjong”
    Twice won at cards; ‘runs’ in a good way

    Boofared car side mirror
    Need to replace garage door rail

    Is karma taking a rebalance
    Should I buy a lottery ticket?

    Looking for an adjustment
    In harmony…

    © JP/dh

    Rule of Three explained on that list: The three dramatic conflicts – internal, relational and external.

    Why do bad things happen in 3? : Scientists found the reason why bad things “come in threes”: they simply don’t. Humans look for patterns in random data in a way to extract order from disorder. … Astrology, on the other hand, applies patterns onto perceived events and makes vague predictions that are easily applied to a variety of different situations.


    1. I think humans think in patterns. Something goes awry and we wonder what’s next? With that said, the patterns can be a mix of good and bad and not just a grouping of one or the other. I agree with you about astrology and fascinated by its predictions even if they are generalized.

      I feel harmony is how we believe (not religion), just personal beliefs.

      Take care and watch the ice! 😉


      1. I always believed that if 13 had any luck it was good. There were originallyl 13 zodiac signs.

        Humans like to alter beliefs to fit things. Accidents happen, but then so do good things… 🙂


        1. Oh. FYI handy hubby… Garage door rail is almost replaced and in working order. Next is my car mirror… Haven’t picked up that ‘lottery’ ticket …yet 😀


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