The Interview – #Bloganuary 2022 – Day 23

My interview is with a very famous and well-known star. She broke into show business after winning the Miss Bogen County beauty contest, The rest is history.

A life of glamour, a very famous boyfriend, and television specials, home videos, records, and books. Her “how to” volume of advice on absolutely everything became a best seller. Her famous face has graced countless magazines. She is a multi-talented success.

I’m a prima-donna

I do what I wanna

destined to be a star

I knew I’d go far

I’m a femme-fatale

and a beautiful gal

best not get in my way

I’ll send you flying

with my karate

I’m famous you know

singing, dancing, and modeling

I even play the kazoo

and have a dog, Foo-Foo

Surely, you know who I am?

Today’s a great day to blog, and the Bloganuary prompt is:

 Interview a fictional character.


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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“I would rather be amongst forest animals and the sound of nature, than amongst city traffic and the noise of man.” Anthony D. Williams.
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  1. What for?

  2. Not a clue as to who. I don’t keep up with the famous.
    But it was a fun read 🙂

    • Thank you, Jules. Like I mentioned to one of the other blogger, the prompt wasn’t within my forte. So I thought I would at least try to make it fun. I’ll wait and see if anyone figures it out before I spill the beans. 😉

  3. You aced it!

  4. And I don’t have a clue 😁

  5. Miss Piggy would be my guess

  6. With the dog as a clue I think you’re referring to Princess Srirasmi?

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    • Thank you for your guess, Sandee. You know, I remember reading about her downfall some time ago. Hey, at least Miss Piggy has a good reputation. Well, sort of! lol

  7. I see someone nailed it already. Should have read all the comments. ♥

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