Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Hazy – January 25, 2022

hazy days wander

nature’s delicate embrace

protect the naive

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” ―Vernon Sanders Law

Your Weekly Prompt – Hazy – January 25, 2022.

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Image by Gentle07 from Pixabay

48 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Hazy – January 25, 2022

  1. Eugenia,

    I’ve always been a naive person but time has given me experience to recognize things that aren’t right and even if it sounds okay, I frequently suspicious. I’m thankful I learned from the lessons to not make repeated mistakes.


  2. I think many of us are naive when we’re young. It takes going around the block a few times to learn the ropes. Experience is the best teacher, IMO!


  3. i love the bespoke tailoring and customisation to your blog Eugenia. I have a post coming out about is this coming week.


      1. I do indeed eugenia. You’ll get a mention in that post, because it was your blog that inspired me to customise mine.


  4. Here is my little piece, thanks to Susi’s link back to site .. 🌝🌚

    In my hazy courtyard,
    it’s unexplainable what I say to the moon,
    and there is that unknowable connection
    received back from my unattainable moon


    1. What a lovely poem, Ivor, and thank you for sharing the song by Bruno Mars. I hear the moon is a good listener. 😉🌝✨


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