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Today’s a great day to blog, and the Bloganuary prompt is:

Where do you go when you need solitude? When I need solitude, I listen to music through my headphones and write. My hubby and I are retired and together 24/7. We stay busy with projects, the internet, normal everyday chores, etc.

My hubby, Paul, enjoys an afternoon nap and, Callie, our cat naps with him. Now I have real solitude. lol


featured image – Pixabay

15 thoughts on “Quiet time –  #Bloganuary 2022 – Day 27

  1. I get some solitude for a few hours on Tuesdays during the day and Thurdsay evenings… when Hubby has some planned activities… otherwise it’s 24/7… unless I go run errands by myself.

    When the warmer weather approaches – I’ll have more time as he’ll be out golfing!!

    I like that image of the hubby and cat napping. Cheers, Jules


  2. Thank you, Zelda! I don’t know if it is a field of heather. The photo is from Pixabay and the description is related to outer space.


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