Who are you?

the ego addicted to appeal to others abound with one's druthers to thy ownself the truth is evasive for users and takers and self-absorbed fakers selfies deceived Reena’s Xploration Challenge #217 The line to stoke your imagination this week is “Everything about her was a lie….” You are free to incorporate the line in your piece, … Continue reading Who are you?

The Return

the earth embraces peace as souls bask in her warmth and flourish in her hearth from long ago no stones are left unturned as spirits seek the truth in eternal pursuits Gaia aglow #TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga My poem is in response to Colleen’s#TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga. Abhanga … Continue reading The Return